We support all standard operating procedures for schools regarding COVID-19, while we are also conscious of minimising any negative side-effects of the pandemic on the teacher-child relationship.

“This morning I once again felt validated in the choice we made for my daughter’s school.”

— Kairos Parent 2017

“Fun, play, creativity and constant learning finds a mix with real empathy.”

— Kairos Parent 2016

“Kairos School is unique in what it offers.”

— Kairos Parent 2018

“You and your staff can be extremely proud of producing a young man of D's calibre…"

— Paul Edey, St Johns principal 2017

“Strong, inquiring, mind-minded individuals with heart = Kairosians! “

— Kairos parent, 2018

"The relative ease with which our two older boys have coped with the obstacles the COVID-19 pandemic brought for all of us, is to a very large extent due to the foundation they received at Kairos…"

— Kairos parent, 2019

“…highly skilled teachers…”

— Kairos Parent 2019

“My child is so happy… I feel like I have my little girl back!”

— Kairos Parent 2016

"Certainly the most innovative and nurturing primary school in Joburg!"

— Kairos Parent 2017

“I’ve not seen the personal care received here anywhere else.”

— Kairos Parent 2017

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