We support all standard operating procedures for schools regarding COVID-19, while we are also conscious of minimising any negative side-effects of the pandemic on the teacher-child relationship.

“Kairos” means “time” as measured by the soul; the time needed to inquire and explore; the time needed to integrate one’s learning; the time needed to grow.

To us, Kairos means learning for life.

We believe that when life at school is happy and meaningful, children are able to go out into the world and have a positive impact. Since our inception in 2011, our school has sustained this atmosphere, resulting in children who love coming to school. This is because we are sincere and effective in our commitment to understand each individual child holistically. We allow each child to find safety in being seen, being heard and being understood.

Our creative, robust approach uses inquiry and project-based teaching methods to ambitiously stretch children beyond the textbook to deeper learning and genuine understanding. We resist any factory-oriented modes of teaching, preferring to achieve these outcomes in unconventional ways. Our students learn the same skills of each school subject as conventional schools do, but with a difference. The Kairos system enables them to acquire these skills without losing their love of learning.

The 8-year primary school journey of Kairos (Grades R-7) enables our graduates to enter any mainstream high school of their choosing. In that regard, we represent the cutting edge of schooling reform in South Africa, bringing it line with worldwide changes in school practices.


We aspire for all-rounded mastery practising diligence and initiative, and by loving the experience of learning


We model personal integrity through practising inquiry, honesty and honouring diversity


We teach social and emotional intelligence by modelling empathy, self-awareness and a passion for collaboration

“This morning I once again felt validated in the choice we made for my daughter’s school.”

— Kairos Parent 2017

“Fun, play, creativity and constant learning finds a mix with real empathy.”

— Kairos Parent 2016

“Kairos School is unique in what it offers.”

— Kairos Parent 2018

“You and your staff can be extremely proud of producing a young man of D's calibre…"

— Paul Edey, St Johns principal 2017

“Strong, inquiring, mind-minded individuals with heart = Kairosians! “

— Kairos parent, 2018

"The relative ease with which our two older boys have coped with the obstacles the COVID-19 pandemic brought for all of us, is to a very large extent due to the foundation they received at Kairos…"

— Kairos parent, 2019

“…highly skilled teachers…”

— Kairos Parent 2019

“My child is so happy… I feel like I have my little girl back!”

— Kairos Parent 2016

"Certainly the most innovative and nurturing primary school in Joburg!"

— Kairos Parent 2017

“I’ve not seen the personal care received here anywhere else.”

— Kairos Parent 2017

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