We support all standard operating procedures for schools regarding COVID-19, while we are also conscious of minimising any negative side-effects of the pandemic on the teacher-child relationship.

Meet the headmonster:

Marc Loon shares his journey

After completing my Masters (in government planning systems), and unsure of what I wanted to do with my life, I decided to take a gap year traveling. Through this zigzagging journey, I discovered my calling as a teacher, almost accidentally.

In fact, I remember the exact moment that I knew I wanted to teach. I was teaching English grammar to eager nine-year-olds in the little Rajasthani village of Bali. The children were loving the game we were playing with pronouns and I felt like a choreographer of an improv theatre piece; my young students and I, serving as both actors and audience. I was in flow. I was a teacher.

My accommodation during my stay in the village was a spare room in my principal’s house. On his bookshelf, I discovered a book, already out of print at that point, called “School is Dead” by Everett Reimer. It is an eloquent polemic against the many problems of the school system. I sailed through the book with a passion and joy that few other books have given me, and I remember the moment upon completing the final page. I lifted the book in front me and spoke to the room, “This book is going to change my life.”

And so it has. Even as I commenced my education as a teacher, I sustained the catalytic impulse that this book had on me. I began my adventure into teaching as an inquirer into the system of schooling itself, exploring the history of schools and innovations in schooling and educational trends around the world, much of which has been integrated into what is now Kairos.

A highlight on this journey has included a personally transformative workshop with Marshall Rosenberg, founder of the Centre for Non-Violent Communication, followed by my sustained involvement in the ManKind Project and associated Boys to Men Mentoring Network, providing education in emotional intelligence for adult men and teenage boys. Much of the tools we utilise in Kairos, and which inform our social and emotional curriculum, originate from these initiatives.

Becoming a father in 2016 has added an entirely new dimension to my teaching journey. The joy of witnessing the day-to-day unfolding of my children’s intelligences has been a continuous celebration of life. Simultaneously, I can now more easily comprehend and personally identify with the struggles of parenting which I’ve long witnessed in parents of my classes at a more arms-length distance. I believe in Kairos now more than ever, not merely in the professional sense as an educator, but also as a father and the school of choice for my own children.

Feel free to give me a call for a chat.

Meet The Team

Our Facilities

Our vision for our school is one of community, where everyone knows everyone else really well. We are housed in a heritage home of the late Joan Brickhill, one of the great doyens of South African theatre — a fitting location for a primary school with a strong arts-oriented curriculum. Until early 2021, we will be located in a large house on Sabie Road, Emmarentia, where we have been since 2014.

There is a considerable amount of safe space for the children to explore, which we utilise to the full with lengthier break times compared to conventional schools, as well as lessons that occur outside.

The property consists of 4000 square metres of enchanted gardens, with vehicle access via 16 Dundalk Avenue and pedestrian access on the Zoo Lake road (Lower Park Drive). Because we have successfully rezoned this property, our move to Parkview will mean we will at last be able to register with the Department of Education and become a member of Independent Schools Association of South Africa (ISASA).

Extramurals & Aftercare

From early 2021, Kairos will be able to enjoy access to the wonderful public sports facilities across the road at Zoo Lake, such as the public swimming pool, tennis courts and basketball. We already offer a diverse set of extramural options for a small school, including both cultural and sport-related activities. Our proximity to the Zoo Lake will enable us to expand our extramural services even beyond these. The extramurals we offer in-house with no extra charge, include:

Boardgames Chess & Go


Friday Fun Day (facilitated playground games)


Justice Project

Make a Book (a craft-oriented creative writing process)

Drama games

Extramurals offered by outside visitors, attracting a nominal fee per term, include:



Hip Hop

Action Ball (fitness-oriented games)





Mindfulness & meditation

We also offer an Aftercare service until 17h00 each day, charged at a nominal rate (refer to the current Schedule of Fees).

Calendar & Timetable

Drop off and pick up Times

The class timetables for each class are available on request. The times for the drop-off and pick-up times of pupils are as follows. Please note that these times are adjusted to take into account the need for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Grades R-3

✦ Please arrive between 08h00 and 08h15. The playtime between 08h00 and 08h30 is an important part of the school day as it allows the children to connect with each other and settle into school mode. Please arrive between 07h30 and 07h45

Grades 4-7

✦ The school opens at 07h30 each morning: please arrive before 07h45

✦ The playtime between 07h30 and 08h00 is an important part of the school day as it allows the children to connect with each other and settle into school mode. Please arrive between 07h30 and 07h45

(2) PICK UP:

✦ Grade R: 12h30. Park outside and walk into property

✦ Grade 1: 12h30. Park outside and walk into property

✦ Grade 2: 13h45 every day

✦ Grade 3: 13h45 every day, except Tuesdays 14h30

✦ Grade 4: Monday & Friday: 13h45 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 14h30

✦ Grades 5, 6 & 7: 14h30 every day, except Fridays 13h45

Policies and Procedures

Click on the two links below to view or download our school policies.

  1. Aftercare
  2. Annual Calendar
  3. Benchmarking
  4. Birthday Celebrations
  5. Community Building
  6. Curriculum
  7. Diversity Awareness 
  8. Dress Code
  9. Educational Innovations
  10. Extramurals
  11. Fees
  12. Food 
  13. Home Visits
  14. No Smoking Policy
  15. Screen-time Agreement
  16. Transporting Children 

1. Discipline at Kairos

1.1 School agreements

1.2 Our system of disciplinary supervision

1.3 Achieving a bullying-free school

1.4 The Kairos School Anti-Bullying Policy

2. Kairos Curriculum

2.1 Curriculum Framework 

2.2 Mobility to other schools

2.3 Educational innovations at Kairos

3. Communication Guidelines for parents

3.1 Online communication

3.2 Complaints procedures

3.3 Involvement of parents

“This morning I once again felt validated in the choice we made for my daughter’s school.”

— Kairos Parent

Tshegofatso Kgame

Tshegofatso Kgame, our dynamic Office Manager from Botswana, has been part of the management team at the African School of Excellence and their associated schools, one of our fellow partners in the Ashoka Changemaker Schools network. Tshego has a prior background in advertising, a diploma in public relations, and attended a year’s business course at Dean College while working as an au pair in Massachusetts, USA. She has also worked for the Broadcast Research Council of SA and Havas advertising agency, and has been involved in roles of charitable service through various organisations including Women and Beyond Ministries, her church, and through her role as Miss Botswana 2005. Tshego has a fiercely loyal and sincerely warm personality with an immediately obvious passion for people.

Wazi Kunene:

We are privileged to enjoy the educational expertise of Wazi Kunene as our isiZulu teacher. Wazi has a rich and diverse professional background, with extensive experience in writing, subtitling, translating, performing in, and teaching isiZulu. She has considerable experience in English-isiZulu translation including school textbooks and video materials in subjects such as mathematics into isiZulu for primary school learners. She has also co-authored first-language isiZulu textbooks too. Wazi has served in a wide variety of interesting roles, including: an isiZulu subtitler for TV shows; an Art Administration Facilitator at the Joburg Theatre; a voice-over artist; a performance poet; professional storyteller; short story writer; and on-screen actress. Having studied her degree in Psychology and Television Journalism, Wazi brings her creativity and performative energy to the classes at Kairos.

Jeanne Visser

Our Afrikaans teacher, Jeanne Visser, is a born teacher, instilling a peaceful classroom atmosphere that is both joyful and motivating. She taught for several years in a variety of schools, both in government and private. She has taught English, Social Studies, Natural Sciences, as well as Afrikaans. She is a proud mom of two adult children.

Thapelo Kgophane

Thapelo Kgophane joined us in 2015 as the Head of School Aftercare as well as Teacher Assistant. He also serves as our Phys Ed & Sports teacher, our in-house tech expert, and our school librarian. He has a mission for contributing towards creating the best possible world where people live in harmony together. Outside Kairos, Thapelo serves as soccer coach at Wits Soccer Club, and has had a background in child development for some time, including contributing significantly to projects with Phaphama Initiatives, the Elos Institute, Kufunda Village in Zimbabwe, Boys to Men Johannesburg and GenDerations. Thapelo also manages a daycare centre with his sister Dineo in Pimville, Soweto.

Busi Dube

Busi Dube has been a cleaner at Kairos since 2013. Born and schooled in Soweto, she is studying for her Matric after hours. She has two children, Zinhle and Fezile, and she has an extended family in Francistown, Botswana. Previously Busi worked as a childminder at Bambanani in Melville. She is a Seventh Day Adventist churchgoer, and enjoys playing volleyball, nature walks and reading Zulu fiction.

Marc Loon

Founding teacher and head, Marc Loon has experience teaching children of all ages, from two until adulthood. This includes four years as a class teacher at Michael Mount Waldorf School and four years as founder and programme manager of the Life Skills Programme at CIDA City Campus. He has two Masters degrees (Management and Engineering), a Waldorf teaching qualification from the esteemed Emerson College, UK, and has diverse experience in various educational methods. He has served as Centre Director and co-founder of Jo’burg branch of Boys to Men, an international mentoring network for boys. He was awarded the NAPTOSA award of “Best Overall Student” during his PGCE (Wits), and has received Firsts in three M.Ed courses (Wits).

Francesca Sayer

Our Grade R teacher Francesca Sayer has many years of alternative schooling experience. Born and raised in the UK, Francesca attended Brockwood Park School as a teenager, one of the schools founded by the philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti. She then taught there for over a decade. She then went on to teach at Brockwood for over a decade. She led the school’s sports curriculum, served as head of pastoral care, taught a year-long course to her students called Care for the Earth and regularly organised outdoor activities such as hikes and camps. Francesca is trained in the global Forest School movement and is currently acquiring a qualification in Montessori Teaching through the Montessori Centre of South Africa.

Sidra Amer

Sidra Amer is a teacher with extraordinary dedication. She has grown with Kairos School since 2012, first as Teacher Assistant and then full time teacher. Over the years, Sidra has helped develop our systems and methods. She has had exposure to educational culture in diverse contexts of Zimbabwe, Spain and Pakistan, as well as South Africa, and is known in the school for her solid reliability and ability to organise.

Busi Mdlalose

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