We support all standard operating procedures for schools regarding COVID-19, while we are also conscious of minimising any negative side-effects of the pandemic on the teacher-child relationship.


What curriculum do you follow?

We align ourselves with the overall national curriculum outcomes and international school benchmarks via the local IEB. We aim at academic depth and genuine understanding, with a coherent, carefully designed academic journey from Grade R to 7. We have developed our own holistic, whole-brain-based pedagogy, constituting an ever-renewing process of collaboration and refinement. We are influenced by Waldorf with its emphasis on storytelling, relationships and experiential learning.

How do your students fare in High School?

Our graduates have entered a wide variety of high schools and their success there is evidence of the effectiveness of our system. These high schools include Sacred Heart College, Crawford College Sandton, National School of the Arts, St Johns College, Michael Mount Waldorf; Deutsche Schule, Johannesburg; Hout Bay International, Redhill School; and schools in the UK, Switzerland and the USA. Our graduates are confident, creative, resilient and emotionally mature. They are equipped to interrogate academic content to positively impact the world.

Several of our students have earned top awards in Eisteddford Art competitions, the AMESA Maths Challenge and Eskom Science Expo, and enjoyed solo parts on the theatre stage.

What are your school times?

Arrival times are slightly staggered during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in general it is 07h45 until 12h30, 13h45 or 14h30 depending on the grade. Break times are longer than most other schools (±75 minutes per day). More details are available on request.

What is your school calendar?

CALENDAR: We follow the 4-Term Calendar of ISASA for Gauteng, except for minor and occasional adjustments. Click here for a detailed calendar.

What is your policy about bullying?

We do not accept nastiness of any kind at Kairos. Therefore we are active in helping children hear each other’s feelings and needs emerging from incidents of nastiness, before it becomes a bullying issue. Conflict resolution, self-awareness and values education is a core aspect of our well-developed social emotional curriculum. In this regard, our invitation for our children to speak their personal truth with integrity and courage is key to maintaining an ethos of genuine harmony.

What is your policy about racism?

We celebrate difference and diversity, and aspire to be conscious of systemic prejudices in our society. In this light, we are an activist-minded community against racism, sexism, sexual orientation discrimination, xenophobia and other forms of prejudice. This makes us anti-racist. And, while we are a non-denominational school, we are also not a secular school: we value reverence, respect and etiquette, and encourage curiosity and awareness of each other’s religious and cultural traditions. For example, our annual calendar includes our Diwali-Halloween lantern festival, Eid Foo and our colourful Purim-Holi celebration. We do not proselytise any one belief but are interested in all.

Do you have sports at Kairos?

Physical education is intrinsic to our educational programme, as it has powerful benefits when done age-appropriately. We focus on development (body awareness, sensory integration, agility and mobility), as well as competence in the skills required for a variety of sports (swimming, basketball, netball, soccer, racket sports) and on qualities of character such as sportsmanship and teamwork. Our passion is to nurture the amateur love of play. We have developed a coherent 8-year Phys-Ed learning pathway beginning with playground games and transitioning naturally towards formal skills of competitive sports.

Do you have extramurals at Kairos?

We provide many Sport and Cultural activities after school at no extra cost. These include (Nature club, Craft, Basketball, Chess & Go, Drama, Bookclub, & Art). There are also varied fee-charging external offerings (like Ballet, Hip Hop, Martial Arts, Robotics, Action-Ball, Meditation, Fine Art Theory & Practice), conveniently available on our premises. There is daily aftercare until 5pm, charged according to a nominal fee structure. Click here for the current extramural schedule.

What is the insitutional structure of Kairos?

Our school head leads the school under the guidance and supervision of a small Board of Directors. We are a Non-Profit Company awaiting registration with the Gauteng Department of Education. Once we move to our new premises in Dundalk Avenue, Parkview, we will be an ISASA-registered, independent school. We were certified internationally in 2014 as an Ashoka “Changemaker School,” shortlisted from 60 schools and only one of three in Johannesburg. We are governed by a small board of three directors, Maya Loon (Masters in Fine Arts), Candice Harrison-Train (Masters in Psychology) and Marc Loon (Masters in Engineering), with our Financial Manager David du Preez (Charted Account) serving as an ex officio financial advisor.

“This morning I once again felt validated in the choice we made for my daughter’s school.”

— Kairos Parent 2017

“Fun, play, creativity and constant learning finds a mix with real empathy.”

— Kairos Parent 2016

“Kairos School is unique in what it offers.”

— Kairos Parent 2018

“You and your staff can be extremely proud of producing a young man of D's calibre…"

— Paul Edey, St Johns principal 2017

“Strong, inquiring, mind-minded individuals with heart = Kairosians! “

— Kairos parent, 2018

"The relative ease with which our two older boys have coped with the obstacles the COVID-19 pandemic brought for all of us, is to a very large extent due to the foundation they received at Kairos…"

— Kairos parent, 2019

“…highly skilled teachers…”

— Kairos Parent 2019

“My child is so happy… I feel like I have my little girl back!”

— Kairos Parent 2016

"Certainly the most innovative and nurturing primary school in Joburg!"

— Kairos Parent 2017

“I’ve not seen the personal care received here anywhere else.”

— Kairos Parent 2017

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