We support all standard operating procedures for schools regarding COVID-19, while we are also conscious of minimising any negative side-effects of the pandemic on the teacher-child relationship.

We have developed a school system that integrates personal integrity and a commitment to social harmony with in-depth mastery of skills and knowledge.

Our holistic system of experiential learning is grounded in the ideals of Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication and incorporates other cutting-edge educational innovations from around the world. These include “Philosophy with Children”; Integrated Studies; Waldorf teaching rhythms; a gradual, multi-year introduction to the testing system; art in the curriculum; and the ideals of trauma sensitive schooling. We are also an ever-renewing system, regularly adapting our practices according to the educational needs of the moment.

Kairos education is a synthesis of systemic flexibility, open-hearted honesty and an ethos of listening to deeper feelings, needs and ideas in each other. The result is that our graduates enter high school with in-depth academic ability, advanced emotional awareness and the skills to positively impact the world.

Neuroscience informs the choices we have made in the design of our school system and school practices — , more specifically: how fear-based school practices discourage or even suppress the ability to learn. We operate from a “whole brain perspective”, exploring strategies to bring the different parts of our brain and nervous system into cooperation with each other, so that we remain centered and in balance. The result is a world-class, home-grown social / emotional curriculum to complement an excellent academic learning culture.

We also consciously celebrate difference and diversity, and aspire to be conscious of systemic prejudices in our society. In this light, we are an activist-minded community against racism, sexism, sexcual orientation discrimination, xenophobia and other forms of prejudice. While we are a non-denominational school, we are also not secular: we value reverence, respect and etiquette, and encourage curiosity and awareness of each other’s religious and cultural traditions. For example, our annual calendar includes our Diwali-Halloween lantern festival, Eid-al-Fitr Food Festival and our colourful Purim-Holi celebration. We do not proselytise any one belief but encourage multicultural curiosity.

Our children flourish at school and acquire the social skills and self-awareness to flourish anywhere.

“This morning I once again felt validated in the choice we made for my daughter’s school.”

— Kairos Parent