Dear Parent/ Guardian,

We are glad you are interested in applying for a bursary / discount on tuition fees to Kairos School of Inquiry. The percentage reduction in fees and other costs will depend on several factors, outlined below.

The school will consider applications from pupils. Preference will be given to children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Selection criteria include academic merit and financial need and the school has the discretion as to who is awarded financial assistance.

Apply online at

Please complete the form enclosed — it will take approximately 10 minutes.

Kindly note the following terms and conditions, and considerations influencing our selection criteria:

  • Priority will be given to transformation candidates and families in financial need.
  • Priority will be also given to families whose parents are interested in our progressive model of education.
  • Preference will be given to families who demonstrate involvement in their child’s educational progress.
  • Good academic record and strong testimonial from current school or previous teachers.
  • The bursary is merit-based, and the school will select the applicant with the strongest educational abilities and work ethic, as determined by the school’s holistic interview assessment.
  • Resident in surrounding suburbs to our Parkview school is preferred.
  • Bursary will last for the duration of the child’s enrolment at Kairos.

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