Facts of Kairos

“Kairos” means “time”, but a different sort of time to “Chronos”, the kind of time that’s measured by the clock). Kairos is mystical time, moment-to-moment time, time where the action suits the context. This kind of relationship with time is needed for a person to inquire, to explore, to learn. This kind of relationship with time is needed for a teacher to educate.


Our school fees include daily, free extra-murals.


Kairos offers an holistic system of experiential learning based on cutting-edge educational innovations from around the world.


Brain science informs the choices we have made in the design of our school system and school practices, most specifically how fear-based school practices discourage or even suppress the motivation to learn. We inquire collaboratively from a “whole brain perspective”, exploring strategies to bring the different parts of our brain and nervous system into cooperation with each other, so that we remain centred and in balance. The result is a world-class, home-grown social / emotional curriculum to complement an excellent academic learning culture.


The methods and ethos of Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication are infused in all teaching and social aspects of our school.


We align ourselves with the overall curriculum outcomes and CAPS expectations and IEB benchmarks in the upper grades. We aim at academic depth and genuine understanding, and for us this requires a different pacing of academic progress through the journey from Grades R to 7. We also have developed our own holistic, whole-brain-based curriculum which is in an ever-renewing process of collaboration and refinement. We are influenced by the Waldorf Schooling Curriculum, with its emphases on storytelling, relationships and experiential learning.


Physical education is intrinsic to our educational programme, as it has powerful benefits when done age-appropriately. We focus on development (body awareness, sensory integration, agility and mobility), as well as competence in the skills required for a variety of sports (swimming, basketball, netball, soccer, racket sports) and on qualities of character such as sportsmanship and teamwork. At Kairos our passion is to nurture the amateur love of play. We have developed a coherent 8-year Phys-Ed learning pathway beginning with playground games and transitioning naturally towards formal skills of competitive sports. 


Our school day includes a whole school choir where we enjoy a multicultural repertoire of songs, as well as some choral poetry and recorder recitals. We strive to incorporate art and beauty into most of our lessons. Children have access to a wide-ranging library and the love of reading is encouraged through our bookclub, theme-based reading tasks, and exploration of age-appropriate fiction. We celebrate a variety of home-made cultural festivals throughout the year. We seek to be conscious of events in all cultures’ and religions’ calendars, as well as important or interesting secular events.


We provide many Sport and Cultural activities after school, at no extra cost (Nature club, Craft, Basketball, Chess & Go, Drama, Bookclub, Art).  There are also varied fee-charging external offerings (like Ballet, Hip Hop, Martial Arts, Robotics, Action-Ball, Meditation, Fine Art Theory & Practice), conveniently available on our premises. There is daily aftercare until 5pm, charged according to a nominal fee structure. 


We follow the 4-Term Calendar of ISASA for Gauteng, except for minor and occasional adjustments. This calendar is very close to the government schools’ calendar. We are a close-knit community that enjoys celebrating one or two events together each term. Annual highlights include our Diwali-Halloween lantern festival, our colourful Purim-Holi celebration, Kairos Olympics and the Kairos Winter Kaleidoscope.


Our current fees consist of monthly tuition fees (over 10 months annually).Our school fees include daily, free extra-muralsThere are not the substantial additions of a school uniform, a large set of textbooks nor a set of annual levies.


Start: 7h45. End-times: 12h30, 13h45 and 14h30 (depending on the Grade). Break times are longer than most other schools (±75 minutes per day). 


While we are a non-demonational school, we are also not a secular school. We value reverence, respect and etiquette, and encourage curiosity and awareness of difference. 

“The only real object of education is to leave one in the condition of continually asking questions.”

Leo Tolstoy

Grade 6 drawing

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