Sarah Liebenberg, our Grade 5 class teacher, is a powerful, energetic teacher. Sarah has a multicultural background with diverse teaching experience in the Intermediate Phase grades, with clear ideals and aspirations in progressive education. Sarah brings a warm and solid sensibility to our school, with excellent organisational skills and an intuitive ability to handle complex social dynamics and sensitive emotions. Sarah has previously worked in both government and private schools in Johannesburg and has covered a wide range of subjects. Sarah is skilled in languages and has enjoyed coaching students in public speaking competitions and spelling bees in both English and Afrikaans. She has a warm, flexible and assertive nature with a clear sense of personal drive for personal growth. She is also a talented sportswoman enjoying hockey, running netball and swimming, as well as baking, babysitting and beadwork. She is committed to her own on-going learning and is frequently trying on new challenges such as a cooking class, yoga, gardening and learning a new language. As a teacher Sarah is deeply interested in the individual workings of young minds, and loves the creative challenge of serving her students’ educational needs.

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