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Headmonsterly Hmmm 04/12/17

Dear Kairosians Last week we enjoyed an exquisite evening of bidding farewell to our wonderful Grade 7s, each of them such sterling representatives...

Headmonsterly Hmmm 03/11/17

Dear Kairosians Our fantastic team of parents, led by the extraordinary Adi Friedburg, have just pulled off another incredible success of a...

Headmonsterly Hmmm 01/10/17

Dear Kairosians Recently a friend of mine shared on Facebook his belief that schooling of children should be “stopped, possibly even outlawed”. This...
Catering for consciousness

Catering for consciousness

Dear Parents While nushing on Samantha’s delicious vegetable quiches at yesterday’s “Social Lunch," I was contemplating how fussy and eater I was as...

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