The Kairos Team

Kairos is a pioneering school with cutting edge educational innovations for children from Grades 0 (i.e turning 6 before November) until Grade 7 (turning 13). We will continue to grow but will always remain a small school.

Marc Loon

Founding teacher and head, Marc Loon has experience teaching children of all ages, from two until adulthood. This includes four years as a class teacher at Michael Mount Waldorf School and four years as founder and programme manager of the Life Skills Programme...

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Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones is an expert Junior Primary teacher with 25 years experience at the Ridge School (excluding a few years at other schools too). Her extraordinary experience includes Reggio Emilia training in Italy and many other in-service educational opportunities at the...

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Nicola Sprawson

Nicola Sprawson is a uniquely creative and passionate teacher. She has a BA (majored in Journalism, English Literature and Drama) and graduated cum laude with a PGCE, both from UCT. Nicola studied under Marc’s former colleague Prof Karin Murris, a world authority in...

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Sidra Amer

Sidra Amer is a teacher with extraordinary dedication. She has grown with Kairos School since 2012, first as Teacher Assistant and then full time teacher. Over the years, Sidra has helped develop our systems and methods. She has had exposure to educational culture in...

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Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis has an unusual ability and interest across the curriculum — he is skilled and interested in both the sciences and the arts. Aside from various teaching roles at Kairos including Class teacher of our Seniors and woodwork teacher, he also is our choirmaster,...

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Nozi Ngomane

Storyteller, voice artist and performer in the arts, dramatic poetry, and backing vocalist, Nozi Ngomane is a blessing to our school with her masterful ability in helping the Grade 3-7 students learning Zulu through creative activities.

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David Flax

David Flax is a masterful Physical Education teacher with a magician’s flair. He has been compared by some with the Pied-Piper. He has many decades of experience in Movement Education, yet he remains an on-going learner himself. David is deeply committed to help...

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Lesley Flax

Lesley Flax works in a private capacity as a Remedial Therapist at Kairos and elsewhere. Having worked in education since 1971, she has a child-centred, holistic philosophy of educating children with the awareness that each individual child is unique. She is highly...

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Thapelo Kgophane

Thapelo Kgophane joined us in 2015 as head of School Aftercare, as well as Teacher Assistant and now School Librarian. He has a mission for contribution towards creating the best possible world where people live in harmony together. Thapelo has a background in child...

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Stenette Grosskopf

Stenette Grosskopf is our inspiring Afrikaans Teacher at Kairos. While also a Kairos mother with us, she has been teaching Afrikaans at Kairos since 2013. Stenette has a background in Afrikaans-language scriptwriting for TV, and has worked as producer for 50-50...

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Busi Dube

Busi Dube has been a cleaner at Kairos since 2013. Born and schooled in Soweto, she is studying for her Matric after hours. She has two children, Zinhle and Fezile, and she has an extended family in Francistown, Botswana. Previously Busi worked as a childminder at...

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Adelina Tshivhenga

Adelina Tshivhenga joined us as a cleaner in 2016. She was born and raised in Duduza near Nigel, but now lives in Thembisa with her two children, Hulisani and Rudzani. She has also worked as a cook at Genesis Clinic. Adelina has a driver’s license, and previously...

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Sandile Mthombeni

Sandile Mthombeni has been our access security man and groundsman at Kairos since 2015. Previously he has worked as access security for 24/7 and also in construction for Genesis Clinic. He was born and raised in Dundee, Kwazulu-Natal, has two children Nkosi and...

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“The skilled teacher, when a pupil is entrusted to his care, will first of all seek to discover his ability and natural disposition and will next observe how the mind of his pupil is to be handled … for in this respect there is an unbelievable variety, and types of  mind are no less numerous than types of body.”

Quintillian, Ancient Rome

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