What are we?

“Kairos” means “time”, but a different sort of time to “Chronos”, the kind of time that’s measured by the clock). Kairos is mystical time, moment-to-moment time, time where the action suits the context. This kind of relationship with time is needed for a person to inquire, to explore, to learn. This kind of relationship with time is needed for a teacher to educate.

Grade 6 drawing

Kairos School of Inquiry is a learning community continuously recreating a culture of meaningful inquiry. We are an extraordinary school where each individual embodies our core values of personal integrity, all-rounded mastery and social harmony (and also just good old common sense). We involve ourselves as active citizens in our broader South African communities.

In other words, we’re a fantastic school in central Johannesburg, Emmarentia / Parkview area. A fantastic option for primary school education in Johannesburg.

A space and a time for your child to inquire, explore and learn.

“The only real object of education is to leave one in the condition of continually asking questions.”

Leo Tolstoy

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