Please note two educational elements which have been reintroduced into the Kairos experience this week: our Kairos currency (Kairos Rosses) and our Learning in Depth Project.


Thanks to Max charging a teacher KR 50 for a shoulder massage at break, there has been much activity around the possibilities of a breaktime economy. We are going to run this experiment for at least a week starting next week, with the following strict guidelines:
  • No real money is to be used. No valuable items from home are to be used — i.e. no valuable items that would be perceived to be valuable by anyone in the school. All goods and services bought and sold needs to be created by the children or teachers themselves.
  • The full time staff constitute the government, and will make decisions related to economic and monetary policy, copyright and monopoly laws, and oversight of fairness and reasonableness.
  • We expect everyone to show generosity, kindness, honesty and charity, and wish remind everyone that this is a game.
  • We will remain conscious of the hidden curriculum here, and monitor the game constantly in consultation with the children. We are alert to issues that may emerge such as consumerism, greed and laziness. We seek to simulate a society based on harmony, cooperation and healthy participation, and intend to continue the game only as long as healthy values are being learned.
Interestingly, although the experiment only starts formally on Monday, we already have a monastic community of 3 who refuse to engage with the ills of consumerism! (We also have business proposals of an investment bank, a breaktime choir and a newspaper).


We reintroduced our LiD research project which runs parallel to our class-time timetable, for Grades 3 upwards. The idea is for the child to gradually and increasingly become an expert in the topic we have chosen for him or her. The intention is to experience academic depth in contrast to the breadth of the mainstream school curriculum. This is a fantastic innovation invented by Canadian professor Kieran Egan, described in your Parent’s Pack, which I quote for your convenience:
… Please see Egan’s webpage at for more info.
We recommend viewing a brief YouTube presentation of this educational tool at (±4 min).
Also interesting is this one…(±9 min).
​For anyone ​wanting to know more, I encourage reading Egan’s book, which we have in the school:


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