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The Headmonsterly Hmmm 3 Feb 2016

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” — I came across this inspiring misquote, attributed to Albert Einstein. It occurs to me how it is not possible to avoid training the mind. Simply by experiencing life the mind is trained,...

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End of year concert 2014

The Kairos kids brought 2014 to a close with yet another great school concert. And Nozi (featured picture), our storyteller, brought it all together. Here are some pictures from the concert, that were taken by Marc. [gallery link="file" columns="4"...

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Experiential learning

As most of you will know, since Max charged Teacher Maya KR 50 for a "massage and mental treatment", our Kairos currency (Rosses) has taken off with great excitement and creative initiative. Our students have demonstrated impressive examples of entrepreneurship and...

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Educational innovation

Please note two educational elements which have been reintroduced into the Kairos experience this week: our Kairos currency (Kairos Rosses) and our Learning in Depth Project. KAIROS CURRENCY Thanks to Max charging a teacher KR 50 for a shoulder massage at break, there...

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A culture of reverence, mastery and creativity

In order to achieve a culture of reverence, mastery and creativity within which children can rise to their full potential, a healthy, engaging relationship between parents and teachers is vital. We are fortunate to enjoy a warm community of engaged parents and...

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The Kairos community, an ethos

It has occurred to me that a weekly reflection about our school will be a valuable communication tool for our community, both teachers and parents. Feel free to respond to me with comments and feedback. As we grow into a larger school, with new parents and new...

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Kairos kids visit Nirox sculpture exhibition

The Kairos children all had a fantastic, fun, learning experience recently when they got to visit Nirox sculpture exhibition. Nirox itself is a beautiful place. And the art they had on display was exciting. The kids had a great time. Here are some pictures from...

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The Island – a school fundraiser

Don’t miss an exclusive performance of “The Island” starring Atandwa Kani (son of John Kani) and Nata Ramabulana, directed by legendary actor John Kani, at the Barney Simon Theatre, The Market Theatre on Thursday 21st February 2012. A play within a play, The Island...

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